Market study publication - Vision of executives in life science marketing

We are happy to announce the result from our marketing research.

In a recent survey, Sciential engaged with 50 marketing executives in life sciences marketing, uncovering invaluable insights regarding our niche. The research purpose was show case how decision makers in marketing envision the future of their profession.

Below we have the main takeaways for this research:

Leading KPI for Marketing: While revenue/sales is important, marketing goes beyond that. Building brand awareness and credibility is equally vital.

Consistency and Long-Term Focus: Consistency in marketing efforts is crucial for nurturing brand recognition, loyalty, and trust among customers.

Measuring Brand Awareness and Preference: Utilize surveys, market research, and analytics to gauge brand awareness and preference.

The Power of Automation and Personalization: A blend of automation and personalization in the customer journey fosters lasting engagement and conversion.

These insights reinforce the importance of a holistic approach to marketing that transcends immediate sales and focuses on long-term brand building and customer relationships.

You can also access the full publication below.


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