Free In-Person Google Ads Workshop at Utrecht Science Park

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Explore the exciting world of Google Ads, a vital advertising channel for life sciences companies. Google Ads offers effective advertising features such as search ads and display ads, each playing a different role within a digital marketing strategy.

During this workshop, we will delve deep into the platform and its features, providing hands-on strategic tips and sharing case examples to help you set up or streamline your advertising activities. The workshop will conclude with networking opportunities over some drinks, offering you the chance to connect with fellow life sciences marketers and commercial leaders.

The workshop will be led by Rizgar Saltik, Operations Director, and Jade Dangel, Digital Marketing Consultant at Sciential.

  • Date: Thursday, May 30th
  • Time: 15:00hr – 17:30hr
  • Location: Accelerator Utrecht (Uppsalalaan 17) at Utrecht Science Park

What You Will Learn:

  • 🎯 Effective Campaign Setup: Learn how to set up and manage powerful campaigns tailored to the life sciences industry.
  • 🔍 Targeting and Keywords: Master the best practices for targeting and selecting the right keywords specific to our field.
  • 📊 Performance Optimization: Gain techniques to analyze and optimize your ad performance for maximum return on investment.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Networking Opportunities: Join fellow marketing professionals in the life sciences sector to connect, exchange ideas, and expand your network!
  • Skill Enhancement: Put your newly acquired skills into action to elevate your digital marketing strategies and drive better results.
  • Expert Guidance: Sciential's experts are on hand to address your marketing queries, offering personalized tips and tricks to optimize your campaign ideas.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to meet Sciential experts in person, gain insights into the latest Google Ads trends, and expand your network within the life sciences marketing community. Admission is free.

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Rizgar Saltik

Operations Director

Rizgar brings 8+ years of business consultancy experience to the life sciences sector, particularly aiding biotech and medtech companies in their growth trajectories. He specializes in executing strategies for launching and commercializing innovative products and services. His area of expertise encompasses commercial strategy development, life sciences market research, performance marketing and content strategies. Rizgar holds a background in Neurobiology from the University of Amsterdam, complemented by a degree in Science and Business Management from Utrecht University.

Jade Dangel Silva

Digital Marketing Consulant

Jade is a Master's graduate in Business Communication & Digital Media, bringing extensive experience in online marketing and a passion for technology. With a skillful and creative approach to online marketing, Jade takes pride in having successfully managed a community of 50k+ people in Brazil and Portugal. Throughout her educational journey and professional career, Jade has honed her abilities in understanding communities and crafting effective online marketing and social media strategies. Her efforts have consistently resulted in heightened brand and product awareness, contributing to the cultivation of happier and more informed audiences.
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