What are the subsectors in the life sciences industry?

Exploring Biotech, Medtech and Healthcare

Biotech, Medtech, and Healthcare as Major Subsectors in Life Sciences

The life sciences industry, particularly in medical innovation, can be divided into several subsectors. Each life sciences subsector drives groundbreaking research and innovation, serving patients, medical professionals, scientists and society with life-changing products or services. The largest subsectors are:

Marketing is essential in every life sciences subsector

The life sciences industry has undergone a significant commercial evolution, transforming into a vibrant ecosystem where businesses collaborate extensively. Traditional marketing approaches like conferences and cold emails remain popular, while the digital marketing landscape is rapidly expanding as well. Life sciences companies are increasingly embracing digital platforms, including social media and online ad campaigns, and are actively sharing digital content. The Sciential team has experience across all subsectors within the industry, including biotech, medtech and healthcare.

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