Free Webinar: How to Build a Marketing Department in the Life Sciences

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Join us for an exclusive webinar, “How to Build a Marketing Department in the Life Sciences,” hosted by Rizgar Saltik, Operations Director at Sciential. Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 25th, from 15:00 to 16:00 (CEST).

Gain the expertise needed to establish a strong marketing department in the life sciences industry. In this exclusive webinar, we bring you invaluable insights drawn from our extensive collaboration with over 75 international clients in biotech, medtech and healthcare sectors.

Join us as we discuss the strategic challenges faced by directors, managers and other marketing leaders when establishing their marketing departments. From creating effective strategies to allocating resources efficiently, we share practical advice, insider tips and real-world examples to guide you through the process.

The webinar will conclude with a panel discussion featuring experienced life sciences marketing leaders sharing their best practices. The panellists are to be announced!

This webinar will cover the following topics:

✅Building a Dream Team: Start with the right talent in the right roles. Learn how to coordinate and leverage complementary expertise for optimal team performance.

✅ Budgeting and Resource Management: Discover effective strategies for budgeting and maximizing resource allocation in your marketing department.

✅ Prioritization and Time Management: Stay in control of multiple projects. Gain insights on organizing priorities and achieving great results amidst a busy workload.

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