Location, the Quintessential Catalyst for Growth in Health and Life Sciences (Guest Blog)

This is a guest blog by Marcus Fernhout Director Key Projects at Kadans Science Partner

In the biotech buzzword bingo, we've all heard of CRISPR, gene sequencing, and AI, but allow me to float a novel contender: location. While it may not stir the same sense of intrigue, I promise you, its strategic value is no less riveting – particularly from a Health and Life Sciences perspective.

As the leading European real-estate developer in laboratory and office environments within currently 27 Science Clusters in 6 countries, we've uncovered the extraordinary leverage a well-chosen locale provides. This isn’t about the simple provision of shelter from elemental forces. Rather, the right location serves as a potent accelerant for company growth, synthesising four vital elements: research, talent, capital, and specialised assets.

Leading research for Health and Life Sciences companies is like a desert oasis to the parched wanderer. Close proximity to such innovation hotspots presents game-changing opportunities. Envisage the advantage: immediate access to emergent trends, collaborative possibilities, and the prestige accompanying integration within a renowned research hub. Herein lies the value of prudent location investment.

Talent forms another critical facet. A company's worth is essentially its people. A base near premier educational institutions or dynamic urban centres teeming with skilled, educated workforce gifts you a competitive edge. Essentially, you're cherry-picking the cream of the crop. Today’s talent seeks more than financial recompense; they're lured by the vibrancy and opportunities intrinsic to their field's epicentre.

Capital, of course, is paramount. Health and Life Sciences companies, akin to fuel-guzzling vehicles, need constant refuelling. A strategically chosen location, brimming with focused companies, magnetises capital seeking investment opportunities in specific technologies and research areas. This concentration makes capital raising easier, by facilitating visibility, attracting investment, and fostering symbiotic business relationships within our multi-client buildings.

The fourth element, specialised assets, is also crucial. Unlike typical office spaces, the Health and Life Sciences sector often requires accommodation for advanced equipment and specific conditions. Rather than shouldering hefty initial expenses, proximity to shared facilities or contract companies can significantly boost growth.

So, how do these components blend into a cohesive location strategy? We adopt a straightforward yet potent approach: pinpoint locations rich in potential across these domains, develop cutting-edge facilities, then enhance the ecosystem by facilitating global connections and incorporating best practices from our other ecosystems. The aim is to amplify the blend of world-leading research, talent, capital, and specialised assets, catalysing a mutually beneficial growth cycle.

We're more than developers. We're catalysts, fanning prosperity and progress by dovetailing geographical benefits with commercial ambitions. Our goal is to mould vibrant hubs, where disciplines fuse under our development canopy, impacting human health and life significantly. Each node added to our ecosystem contributes to our international network, granting clients access to the fundamental elements of growth, thereby fuelling their efforts to address the world's greatest challenges.

The next time you contemplate your company's address, bear in mind, it's not just about providing shelter. Location is a secret ingredient in life and health science companies' success recipe, offering far more than elemental protection. Our mission is to cultivate grounds conducive to growth and innovation, where these four fundamental elements unite, enabling your company to realise its full potential.

So, if you're open to discover the power of location, or you are in the fortunate position of needing strategic growth, broaden your perspective. You might find it to be the crowning glory in your corporate growth narrative. The value of location isn't merely 'where' - it encapsulates the 'why' and 'how' of your exponential growth.

Keen to explore how location can supercharge your company?
Reach out to me at m.fernhout@kadans.com


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