Use Case Studies To Convince Prospects in the Final Stages of Their Buyer’s Journey

This is a blog by Mark Verzijl, Consultant at Sciential.

One of the most debated topics amongst life science marketers is what content type they should convey to their audience in the final stages of their journey. In these stages, it makes sense to share case studies to give this audience a convincing push.

Usually, the touchpoints of life science brands with this group are reached through retargeting or marketing automation (following up on MQLs). In most cases, brands lost contact with these audiences, because they left the website for instance. In the case of radio silence, it makes sense to follow up to stay top of mind and persuade the audience with social proof. According to recent LinkedIn research, this content type is way more effective in the conversion phase than, for instance, videos, webinars or whitepapers. The rationale behind this is that whitepapers and webinars might work for MQL lead generation, nonetheless, case studies appear to perform well as demand generators in the final stage to stimulate SQLs.

Start working on your case studies to generate demand and convert this group into sales-ready leads.


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