Great Science Writers, a Must-Have for Your Life Science Marketing Team

Making complex concepts accessible – this is of essential importance within life sciences. Therefore, it is crucial to add content and copy writers to your team who really grasp your industry (and preferably also your niche) and customer base. They are worth the investment.

I know, it is a rare breed. Not only should they be knowledgeable and educated in the life sciences field, they also need to be great writers as well. After all, writing is a skill. You should know the audience, align with the objective / phase of the customer journey, adapt to the companies tone of voice and make novel and complex models comprehensive.

Text is not ‘just’ text – it is paramount in your omnichannel presence. With the proliferation of media and the competition flighting for a share of voice, brands should make sure to captivate the audience within a blink of an eye. Captivate them with just a couple of written sentences, regardless of the touchpoints. A great science writer makes it directly clear for the audience (any DMU) what you sell, what problem you solve and why they should choose you. Like I said, a must-have for your team!


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