“Claim” Specific Life Science Hubs by Using Proximity Targeting During Working Hours

This is a blog by Mark Verzijl, Consultant at Sciential.

Get your brand name buzzing around specific life science hubs. For some companies, this is an actual goal. And I can definitely come up with arguments to set this goal, given the fact that such parks are full of potential clients and partners.

Geofencing can be an effective measure of this mean. By targeting a specific area (e.g., the postal code of a street) including a small radius, everybody in the fenced area is targeted. To make sure that you are only targeting your professional audience and not passersby, you can consider further specifying your audience by for instance including a targeting schedule (during working hours on Monday to Friday) and/or even search history. Try to be easy with all the targeting features, because your audience can become too small for targeting.

This tactic, perhaps enhanced with my out-of-home tactic from this series, will help you to “attack and conquer” your strategic business areas.


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