10 Rules of Positioning for Life Science Brands

10 Rules of Positioning for Life Science Brands

This is a blog by Mark Verzijl, Consultant at Sciential.

Early in my career, one of my mentors made me write down 10 simple rules of brand positioning, that are basically applicable to all markets and industries. Until this day, I kept this piece of paper on my desk and since they still make absolute sense in 2022, I want to share them with you.

1.      Brand positioning is embedded in company strategy
2.      Dare to make sharp choices
3.      Decide who you serve and who you do not serve
4.      Chose Identity over Image
5.      With multiple brands, align the positioning
6.      Pick recognizability over differentiation
7.      Positioning is a creative process
8.      Strong brands emphasize their reason to exist
9.      Sales objectives do not belong in a positioning
10.   Make sure you stand out

For the life science marketer who is pondering over their company’s position in the market: use these 10 rules as a checklist heading into 2023. Sometimes, simplicity beats complexity to stand out from the competition.

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