How to Master Search Engine Marketing in Life Sciences (Free Webinar)

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Join us for an exclusive webinar, "How to Master Search Engine Marketing in Life Sciences," hosted by Rizgar Saltik, Partner and Consultant at Sciential. Discover valuable tips and tricks to succeed in search engine marketing within the competitive life sciences landscape. Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 29th, from 11:00hr to 12:00hr (CEST) to participate in this insightful session.

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Search engine marketing has become increasingly crucial in the life sciences industry. By leveraging the power of both paid search ads and organic search optimization, life sciences business leaders and marketers can maximize their reach and performance results. Winning at all fronts of search engine marketing allows amplified visibility in Google, generation of qualified leads, and business growth in the competitive life sciences landscape. For this reason, we structured the webinar around the following topics:

✅ Winning Google Search Ads Tactics
Discover strategies to create captivating ad copy, target relevant keywords, optimize bidding, and measure campaign performance effectively.

✅Winning SEO Tactics:
Learn how to streamline your SEO efforts, leverage automation tools, implement on-page and technical SEO best practices, and boost organic traffic without sacrificing efficiency.

✅Keyword Research Trends:
Leverage the newest keyword research techniques to enhance visibility and performance.

✅Budget/ROI Forecasting:
Develop budget allocation strategies, forecast potential outcomes, calculate ROI, and utilize data-driven insights to optimize marketing investments.

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