Regardless of whether your business focuses on recruiting respondents for clinical trials or selling medical self-help devices, clients, prospects, and even potential employees all value when a company is easy to find. And even more so, you want them to find you. Our certified and experienced SEO and SEA consultants know exactly how to optimize your findability. 

SEO – Organic search
In the perfect world, you would launch your website and consequently, rank on top position in Google for all keywords that are relevant to your business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Result pages on Google and other search engines such as Bing are highly competitive. Organizations that master the art of search engine manipulation will achieve those top positions. Sciential helps life science companies with content optimizations, technical web improvements, and generating outbound links to improve your relevancy.

SEA – Paid search
Users of search engines first see advertisements on the result pages. Search advertising is, unlike SEO, the shortest way to online visibility. Therefore, Sciential strongly advises its clients to advertise on search engines to gain immediate visibility and be available on top positions when your prospects are proactively searching for you or product/services that you offer.

Google Ads is getting more and more expensive for advertisers. This is mainly due to market forces in the auction system. It takes good strategy, intelligence, and strong use of technology to win in Google Ads. Due to our data-driven approach, continuously a/b testing, bid management, and ROI measurements, Sciential gets you the lowest cost per lead/sale as possible.

Social Media Marketing

One cannot think of a world without social media. Whether it concerns personal or business purposes, people all around the globe use socials. Therefore, it’s safe to say that your clients and prospects are on social. 

By using Social Media Advertising in the right way, objectives in the areas of branding, reach, leads, and sales can be achieved. The consumer can be reached at every stage of the customer journey so that measurable results are achieved in a very effective way.

Social networks offer unique targeting options, each for themselves, based on the profiles of the users. A major advantage, as with LinkedIn, is the ability to target cross-device. The data of one user can be measured on multiple devices (such as mobile and computer) and can also be accessed.

We believe that community building and social advertising reinforce each other and that branding and performance objectives do not get in each other’s way. By automatically integrating (non-paid) organic content into paid social advertising campaigns, each user receives exactly the information that is most relevant at the time, and the relationship with the target group is always being built.

Sciential is specialized in connecting with your most relevant audience with the usage of sophisticated targeting tactics. 

Display advertising

The use of display and programmatic advertising is very suitable for strengthening your brand. Better than ever, you can reach the right people with the right message in the right phase of the customer journey, through data and customer profiles.

We ensure an effective and data-driven strategy so that you can achieve your awareness, traffic, sales, or retention goals. This way, we help you acquire new customers, increase the value of your customer base, and build and/or further expand your brand.

Sciential assists in drawing up your display advertising strategy, purchasing, and managing campaigns. Before the start of a campaign, the most suitable purchasing and targeting strategy are jointly determined. This is done based on your goals and KPIs per campaign phase or target group (segment). Based on this, a campaign plan is made and presented. We also support in measuring and assessing the results; based on quality, effect, and impact.

The campaigns are always looked at from an omnichannel approach, based on a customer profile in the Data Management Platform and with enrichment of (online) data. By strategically combining data and target groups, we ensure visibility and can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time during the Customer Journey, ensuring optimal customer experience.

Our media purchasing is 100% transparent, independent, and auditable. Thanks to optimal management and feedback to publishers, purchasing can be done at the most effective rates. During the campaign, all results are visible in real-time and the results are evaluated on a regular basis.