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Client Profile

Elevate Health is a Netherlands-based company that develops e-learning solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector. As part of a medical awareness project for Pfizer, Elevate Health developed an e-learning module about NAFLD/NASH.

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The Challenge

Sciential helped Elevate Health launch effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns on LinkedIn and Google Ads. The goal was to target cardiovascular professionals in Europe who are interested to learn the identification and treatment of NAFLD/NASH in the clinic. Before we started, we conducted a thorough keyword analysis based on the target audience profile. For the Google Ads, we identified niche-specific keywords that we used for the Display Ads. In LinkedIn Ads, we selected audience criteria that met the profile of the target audience.

Both campaigns were successful and the enrolment goals were at the end of the project. Particularly with the Google Display campaigns, we achieved we were able to reach a customer acquisition cost of only $5.

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