At Sciential, we believe that growth hacking is a mindset that is defined by data-driven experimentation and iterative learning. Where traditional marketing agencies solely focus on executing awareness and acquisition campaigns, Sciential runs rapid experiments through the full digital marketing cycle to find data-proven ‘hacks’ that can help you scale your business and achieve exponential growth. Rather than simply running marketing campaigns for your company, we aim to find scalable growth hacks for your company within a short period of time.

The SCNTL growth model

Sciential’s marketers and life sciences experts have developed a unique growth model in collaboration with clients. With the SCNTL growth hacking model, we help you to rapidly test different digital marketing strategies in order to find the best performing channels (the hacks) for you in a short space of time. During this process, our growth experts will guide your company through the experimentation and hacking steps (see process overview below).

Growth hacking is experimentation-based and data-driven. It requires the selection of the right digital marketing channels at the right time. All digital marketing channels and tools that are relevant for your company or organization can be used during the growth hacking process.

Our growth marketing approach is structured around extensively testing five key variables which will be tested separately and then analyzed through multivariate testing.

  • Advertising channels (e.g. LinkedIn ads, Google Ads, third-party banner advertising)
  • Targeting methods (e.g. web-scraping tools, target audience specification, AI-based client profiling)
  • Communication/messaging (e.g. multiple ad copies, images, videos, calls-to-action)
  • Company assets (e.g. webinars, white papers, checklists or self assessments)
  • Landing page (e.g. web page creation, web page optimization, visitor behavior analysis)