Google Grants offers nonprofits the ability to advertise on Google AdWords for up to $10,000 (or €9,200) per month free of charge. A Google Grants campaign is not only for large organizations. Small- to medium-sized foundations are also eligible for the Google Grants budget.

How does the Google Grants Program work?
Google places some conditions on a non-profit organization. To qualify for the available free Grants Budget, there are a number of conditions and rules. The main conditions are:

  • Organizations must be a charitable non-profit organization
  • Have a good reputation
  • Recognized as a Nonprofit Organization

If you meet these conditions, Google will make $10,000 (or €9,200) available in the account for free advertising.

Why Sciential?

  • Sciential knows the limitations of Google Grants and responds to them.
  • Sciential knows the online advertising world better than anyone and is the first to know about the new regulations regarding the Grants program.
  • We will always ensure that you meet the conditions of the Grants account, even if circumstances change.
  • We will always strategize with you about how you can best spend the (total) marketing budget that is available in addition to Grants, even if this is a limited budget.

What can we offer?

  • The Grant application with Google
  • The perfect campaign setup
  • Second opinion on existing campaigns
  • Optimization of the campaign based on results (bid strategy, keywords, campaign Quality Score, etc.)
  • Adding all relevant AdWords ad extensions
  • The request to add any additional domains
  • An up-to-date campaign that is always in line with changing regulations

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