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Our consultants understand your target market and have access to top-performing and data-driven digital marketing platforms and tools. Whether you are targeting patients, medical professionals, scientists, hospitals, pharmaceutical service providers, biotechnology or medical technology companies, our consultants have experience in these areas.

Sciential is Europe’s leading digital marketing agency for life sciences brands. From our HQ located in the heart of Europe's life sciences ecosystem (The Netherlands) we have served over 65+ clients in Europe and Asia.

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Mark Verzijl

+ Managing Director

Mark is the founder and managing director at Sciential. With a solid track record boasting over 12 years of experience as a digital marketing consultant, he has successfully led various digital marketing projects for top 10 big pharma companies. Currently, Mark exclusively focuses on assisting ambitious life sciences companies in achieving their marketing goals. He has designed an innovative marketing framework, the Niche Demand Preference (NDP) model, tailored specifically to address the unique marketing needs of the life sciences industry.

Mark's expertise spans marketing strategy development, paid advertising, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and data analytics. Leading the team of consultants and specialists at Sciential, he ensures the delivery of high-quality services and results for its clients.

Mark holds a background in Communication Sciences and Marketing Management from Tilburg University. In addition to his role at Sciential, he contributes as a visiting lecturer at Inholland University.

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Rizgar Saltik​

+ Operations Director

Rizgar is the founder and operations director at Sciential, leveraging over 8 years of business consultancy experience in within the life sciences sector. His primary expertise lies in guiding biotech and medtech companies along their growth trajectories. Rizgar is passionate about formulating and executing strategies for the successful launch and commercialization of innovative products and services.

Within Sciential, Rizgar takes charge of the internal operations team, overseeing the recruitment of skilled marketing specialists and consultants. Additionally, he leads marketing and acquisition activities, as well as activities aimed at sharing valuable knowledge and insights with the life sciences ecosystem. Rizgar has pioneered unique training programs designed to assist life sciences marketers in navigating complex digital marketing challenges.

His educational background includes Neurobiology at the University of Amsterdam, complemented by a degree in Science and Business Management from Utrecht University.

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Maurice van Rotterdam​

+ Business Development Director

Maurice is the founder and business development director at Sciential. He is an experienced consultant and business developer in the life sciences industry, with expertise in scientific communication, extracting insights/data interpretation, immunology and consulting on life science innovation cases.

Thanks to his experience working in the lab and with innovative life sciences companies, he excels in translating life sciences technology and science into easily understandable messages. Within Sciential, he oversees business development activities as well as client and partner relations. He serves as an energetic sparring partner for many marketing managers and executives.

Maurice holds an educational background in Biomedical Science Management from Leiden University.

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Corrine van Vliet

Lead Digital Marketing Consultant

Corrine is a lead digital marketing consultant at Sciential, dedicated to assisting clients in overcoming diverse digital marketing challenges, from enhancing online visibility to achieving sustainable growth. Her broad expertise encompasses web development, copywriting, project management, email marketing, advertising, CRM implementation, and team coaching.

With over 10 years of cumulative experience in diverse marketing and communication roles, Corrine has honed her skills to deliver effective solutions. Her approach is customer-focused, prioritizing empathetic and transparent communication to build lasting relationships and drive successful outcomes for clients.

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Jade Dangel Silva

Digital Marketing Consultant

Jade is a Master's graduate in Business Communication & Digital Media, bringing extensive experience in online marketing and a passion for technology. With a skillful and creative approach to online marketing, Jade takes pride in having successfully managed a community of 50k+ people in Brazil and Portugal.

Throughout her educational journey and professional career, Jade has honed her abilities in understanding communities and crafting effective online marketing and social media strategies. Her efforts have consistently resulted in heightened brand and product awareness, contributing to the cultivation of happier and more informed audiences.

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Cléa Barriere Lorber

Digital Marketing Consultant

Clea is a digital marketing consultant at Sciential. As a marketer, she specializes in content creation and storytelling, leveraging her expertise to craft compelling narratives. Clea finds joy in developing content strategies tailored for life sciences companies seeking to present their technologies and messages in easily digestible formats.

Beyond her marketing skills, Clea possesses a talent for languages, fluently speaking Dutch, French, English, and Spanish. Her passion extends to literature, art and cinema.

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Anaelle Do Rego

Digital Marketing Consultant

Anaelle is an impact-driven digital marketing consultant, dedicated to assisting Sciential's clients in diverse digital marketing projects. With extensive experience in international business, her focus lies on emerging economies. Over the years, Anaelle has built a wealth of expertise, including advertising on platforms such as Google, Meta, LinkedIn, as well as proficiency in web development and social media marketing.

She holds a master's degree in media and business, which she earned at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Romano Heinz

Digital Marketing Consultant

Romano is a results-driven professional currently employed as a Digital Marketing Consultant at Sciential. With a robust background in advertising and a meticulous eye for detail, he is entrusted with the management of various advertising channels, including Google Ads, LinkedIn, Meta, Snapchat, and more, aiming to effectively promote and enhance the online presence of a diverse clientele.

In his role, Romano takes pride in consistently refining and optimizing advertising campaigns to ensure maximum impact and reach within target audiences. Utilizing data-driven insights, he excels in developing tailored strategies that align with clients' objectives and deliver measurable results. The dynamic nature of the digital advertising landscape excites Romano, offering endless opportunities to explore innovative approaches and stay ahead of industry trends.


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